Wireless Broadband

DTS Wireless Broadband provides High Speed, Low Latency communications for the Oil and Gas operators working in the major shale plays across the US as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

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Life Cycle Solutions

DTS understands that flexibility is key to meeting our customers communications requirements. From construction to decommissioning, customers are able to standardize across phases and reduce operating costs.

Managed Security Solutions

DTS can provide security surveillance and asset management solutions for companies with mission critical operations in remote, harsh environments.

Engineered Solutions

DTS works closely with operators to develop a full communications infrastructure. Our customers receive complete, multi-system, integrated, turnkey telecoms & security packages for global oil and gas projects, both onshore and offshore.

Why We’re Different

  • Our company uses the latest technology in the industry.
  • Customers can receive customized networks that fit their needs.
  • Enjoy the security of out-of-band management.
  • We design end products that make our customers’ ┬álives easier.
  • We offer free support because we understand the importance of your communications operating flawlessly.